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The Enigma Protector

A professional system for licensing and protecting executable files for Windows
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15 September 2011

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In the Internet world, there was a need for something that could protect program modules and finally, we have something. We are here talking about Enigma Protector 2.04.20100629. This is a powerful tool that has been designed for complex protection of program modules. Using this software, you can easily protect Windows 32 and 64 bits Portable Executable files, Windows Screen Saver files, ActiveX control files and .NET executables. This software has been especially developed for protecting the machine code of program module from analysis and integrating try before you buy conception support system.

Enigma Protector comes with a comfortable interface in order to create and verify registration keys. Using this software, you need not search any safe decisions on how to generate registration keys because it creates keys like safe algorithms such as RSA up to 4096 bits. The software also comprises of Special Enigma API, which is a set of special functions for making communications between protected program module and the Enigma loader. There is also a special feature for generating registration keys for a particular computer. In The Enigma Protector, you will also get a registration dialog designer that enables you to customize registration dialog, which is shown at the module startup. With The Enigma Protector, you also get some unique tools for managing of licenses such as License Manager that serves for storing licenses generated for the registered users.

To sum it up, Enigma Protector is an interesting software that comes with a number of features not just for protecting program modules but also for limiting time of module usage, such as executions, days, date and time limitations. The software also boasts of its system clock control, which is used to control system clock reversing and helps in avoiding dishonest customers. Anti debugger tricks, control sum checking, set startup password, processing checkup, virtualization tools checkup and external files checkup are some other unique features of The Enigma Protector which earns it a score of four rating points.

Publisher's description

A professional system for licensing and protecting executable files for Windows. The Enigma Protector is an essential tool for every developer of commercial software and shareware for Windows.
The Enigma Protector includes a wide range of unique features aimed at protecting executable files from illegal copying, hacking, modification, and analysis. The supported formats include almost all types of 32- and 64-bit executable files (exe, src, dll, ocx, bpl, etc.) and .NET files created using various development tools, such as MS Visual Studio C#/C++/VB/VB.NET, Borland Delphi/C++, FreePascal, MASM, TASM and others. The protected files can be run on all versions of Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008 and Windows 7.
The Enigma Protector will make your software resistant to cracking, and thus will increase your sales. The use of attack-proof cryptoalgorithms for registration key generation will make it impossible for others to reconstruct or reproduce the registration key generator for your software. Various methods of code obfuscation, mutation and virtualization will help protect your application from hacking, modifying, disassembling, illegal retrieval of unique functions and data, etc.
The Enigma Protector
The Enigma Protector
Version 3.0
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